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Mice madness
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Default mice madness

Greetings to this blue marble bloggers!
Any thoughts about mice eating the wires in your car? I have heard that many manufacturers are making their supplies out of soy products - inviting mice to "dine." Any experiences or thoughts?
Mice Madness!!
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US Blues
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Mouse traps under the hood maybe?

just remember, the 2nd mouse gets the cheese...

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Cactus Az
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A cat ?

I`ve had the wiring chewed by what was probably a packrat, from the nest I found, but that vehicle was broke down, and hadn`t been run in a month or so.
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Genuine Arkansas Peckerwood
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BG and I have had this problem and found out about the soy insulation. We used moth balls under the hood and on the ground under the vehicle and the problem went away. Outside cats will also help, but you have to feed them. Mothballs are cheap and very effective. It worked for us. But of course, we have several outside cats as well.
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Ought Six
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I recently bought a used car that had been sitting for nine months, and I had problems with wiring chewed by mice as well. I also found a mouse nest in the air cleaner box that was blocking the airflow into the engine. I also would recommend moth balls. The 'para' moth balls are best variety to repel rodents. You can usually find them at dollar store. They also have them at drug stores, but they are a lot more expensive there. Be aware that moth balls evaporate after a couple months, and thus must be replaced regularly. And do not put them too close to the exhaust manifold or any other heat source, as that will make them evaporate really quickly.
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madness, mice

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