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Investing for Peak Oil Surviving Peak Oil financially is a problem we will all confront sooner or later.

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Arrow Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

I couple years ago, I bought a small amount of a stock called Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (OTCOTHER: CCTC) for about two and a half bucks a share. They have patented several coal processes. One is a cleaning burning process for coal that converts low-grade coal into high grade coal, greatly reducing smokestack emissions. There is a test plant for this process being built in Mongolia. Another process stabilizes coal for transport and prevents it from absorbing moisture. They are also into coal-to-liquids technology, creating synthetic fuels and chemical feedstocks from coal.

I was horrified to watch the stock start to plummet in value. By the end, it dropped to two cents a share. I looked into it, and found that the management was widely viewed as grossly incompetent, and there were serious questions about whether the company could even continue operating. But I had a feeling, and the stock was ubercheap, and they still owned all those patents, so I made a small bet. At two cents a share, I upped my holdings to ten thousand shares.

In the last few weeks, the stock suddenly started climbing in value again. It had gone up and down a few times before, so I did not think much about it. But today, I looked and it is over 12¢ a share. At this point, I have recouped my initial losses and more than doubled my original investments. I was wondering why it was going up, so I check it out. It seems that CCTi has entered into a partnership with Jindal Steel & Power, an big Indian multinational. They are building a large facility in Shanxi Province, the largest coal producing area of China. Jindal also has large holdings of high-moisture coal in Indonesia which will benefit from CCTi's coal drying and anti-moisture absorption process.

This may be a worthwhile stock to invest in while it is still cheap. Or it may not. You have to do your own homework. I am merely telling you my experience here. If you sink a bunch of money into it and it goes tits up, do not come crying to me. Weigh the risk and potential rewards, and make your own decision on this.
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