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Cleaning and Organizing Tips and tricks to get your home and all within it sparkling clean and neat as a pin.

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Talking MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! A Little Early, But...

Our vacuum cleaner was dying. I bought SO a new one - early Xmas gift & he loves it... it's a little Shark & boy, it makes my old Dirt Devil look like a piece of crap. And it was 1/3 off.

I've always wanted my very own steam cleaner for floors & carpets. He bought me one. It works beautifully & it's incredibly simple to use. Not on sale but not at all expensive & with three aging cats - very much a necessity.
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Wonder gifts for each other! DH was amazed one year because I asked for an eletric skillet for Christmas. A neighbor took him shopping and tried to talk him out of it saying it wasn't a good gift. He showed her the list of ideas I had to give him and it was at the top, followed by a thermomoter that you put in the ear. I was grossed out by everyone using the same one and passing germs.

A couple years ago I asked for red jammies and he gave me the money to buy the ones I wanted. Another year he bought me a winter coat. It was so pretty but it was way to small so I had to take it back. I wanted to kepp it but my boobs wouldn't fit in and let me zip it up.
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christmas, early, merry

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