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blue gecko
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Default Recycling projects

What can you remake from found resources?

Love these:

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Mama Alanna
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Bonus pro-tip: do not use a sweater somebody handknit for you or they will never speak to you again.
Hell, yes! I know how long my mother worked on a sweater. But non-crafters seem to think that it only takes a couple of hours. Sometimes Mom did craft fairs, and it wasn't uncommon for someone to say "Can you make me one just like this, but in purple? I need it for a gift next Saturday."

Goodwill has plenty of sweaters for crafts like this.

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Why would your laptop need a sweater?
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He he. Anyone who would cut up a perfectly good sweater to do stuff like that needs their head checked by a professional. A good sweater is hard to find, and to be much treasured. That is all I have to say about this subject...
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I've never taken a usable sweater and done this, but I have recycled a few of our old sweaters that had finally gotten too worn / frayed / whatever, and used the good bits to make dog sweaters. Same with old sweatshirts / thermals when we lived up north. Was hard finding suitable winter wear for our rather stout Basset lads. And they looked so dashing in their patchwork sweaters
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projects, recycling

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