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Pablo Escobar
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Default Stiff neck virus?

One of my employees 13 yo daughter ended up in the ER last month after complaining about a stiff neck for 24 hours, then waking up the next morning and promptly passing out in her fathers arms. No fever, no sign of meningitis... Explained way as a vagal nerve rxn...

I've had the same symptoms since Sunday, extreme back of neck pain, muscle tightness, across neck and upper shoulders. Pain to the point of nausea, with no relief while sleeping or pain killers.

Anyone else see anything similar? This is getting old...
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I'd still get checked damned fast to rule out meningitis.
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Get checked, but....I have this a lot. Try ice (between shoulder blades and on neck), and ibuprofen (Advil?). I've been suffering with it about two weeks, this time around. Follow with neck and upper back stretches, many times a day. Yes, if my neck is tight enough, it makes me nauseous. Also can make my ears and jaw hurt, sometimes, and makes my ears ring.

For the few days before, did you have your head bent down a lot? Lift something heavy while bent over? Have your arms raised a lot? My last round was brought on by improper lifting of landscape rock, that was too heavy for me. Sitting in chairs that have arms too high for my body does it, too.

For the two years I went to a massage therapist monthly, it didn't happen.
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Pablo Escobar (10-25-2012)
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Go to doc. Seriously.
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Pablo Escobar
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Yesterday was the worst day for the pain, but I was able to sleep the whole night last night without being woken up from the pain.

Of course, the 1.5 hour massage from Massage Envy probably helped a lot, esp since it was a male masseuse, instead of a namby pamby female masseuse...

Or, it was the 3/4 bottle of an extremely fine 2005 Spanish wine paired with a perfectly grilled rare, prime NY strip hand cut from Costco NY Strip loin that helped with the pain management...

But, it seems that I've traded the "cannot think a coherent thought" pain to a nagging sore neck pain plus extremely high pitched ringing in the ears "cannot think a coherent thought" symptoms....

Thanks everyone for the go to the doctor advice. Unfortunately, I am incredibly mistrustful of the medical profession, having had horrific outcomes see me daily in my showroom, in my personal life, and having the best of the best of the best research medical doctors across the world as my clients in a former career.

As I told my wife, who also asked that I go see a MD, I would have gone if I had one more concurrent symptom such as a fever, or headache, or a rash...
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neck, stiff, virus

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