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Default Indonesian boy dies from Avian Flu.

Google Translate. Sorry. I can't translate that fast.


Indonesian boy suffering from avian flu death or through contact with infected dead duck
International Affairs News [microblogging] 2012-12-19 11:32
I want to share

BEIJING, Dec. 19 - According to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" reported on the 19th, Bogor, West Java Province, Indonesia, a 4-year-old boy died suffering from avian flu, avian influenza in Indonesia cumulative deaths rose to 160.

Boy Nov. 30 at a local clinic diagnosed as fever, referral deteriorated, high fever, cough and respiratory congestion symptoms after a few days of death. Indonesia has this latest case report of the World Health Organization. The Indonesian Ministry of Health spokesman said the boy may contact home dead ducks infected with the avian influenza virus.

Previously, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has received reports of a large number of ducks died mysteriously. Since November of this year, West, Central, East Java province, had about 320,000 ducks died mysteriously.

Subsequently conducted a preliminary investigation of the Indonesian Ministry of Health found a never appeared in the country, the lineage of the avian influenza virus. The virus may be the reason for the mysterious death of a large number of ducks.

Indonesia was the hardest hit by the avian flu epidemic raging. Since the emergence of large-scale bird flu epidemic in 2003, the Indonesian government has been culling of millions of birds to control the spread of the epidemic. According to statistics, the avian flu caused the death of 360 people worldwide have accounted for up to Indonesia.


印尼一男童患禽流感死亡 或因接触患病死鸭
国际时事中国新闻网 [微博] 2012-12-19 11:32

中新网12月19日电 据新加坡《联合早报》19日报道,印尼西爪哇省茂物市一名4岁男童因患禽流感死亡,使印尼的禽流感累计死亡 病例上升至160人。

这名男童11月30日在当地诊所被诊断为发烧,转院后病情恶化,出现高烧、咳嗽和呼吸堵塞症状,数日后死亡 。印尼已将这一最新病例报告世界卫生组织。印尼卫生部发言人说,男童可能是接触家中死鸭而感染禽流感病毒的 。

此前,印尼卫生部接获大批鸭子离奇死亡的报告。自今年11月以来,西、中、东爪哇省曾有大约32万只鸭子离 奇死亡。

印尼卫生部随后进行的初步调查中发现了一种从未在该国出现过的禽流感病毒支系。该病毒可能是大量鸭子神秘死 亡的原因。

印尼是禽流感疫情肆虐的重灾区。自2003年出现大规模禽流感疫情以来,印尼政府已扑杀了上百万只家禽,以 控制疫情传播。另据统计,禽流感疫情在全球范围内已造成360人死亡,以印尼占最多。
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Oh i'm pretty sure that's the same story as in this thread:

Free hugs
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