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Default Non-flu energy-draining virus

Tempting to think of it as a flu, but flu hits fast and hard, right?

There's a virus some are calling flu -- no sore throat, minimal sinus, lots of cough, fever 102.5 in me -- but it came on slowly, starting with a tiny tickle in the throat, 2 days later fever which climbed over 3 days to its highest then slid down gradually over 3 days, leaving a prolonged cough and fatigue like I've never had before except with flu.

I associate prolonged post-virus exhaustion with flu, but I guess it's not.

Anyone have clues to getting normal energy back? I wake up feeling fine but by the time breakfast is done I just want to lie down and sleep.
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Dec 21 my son got off the school bus with a runny nose. By bedtime he had a nasty headcold that lasted a full two weeks and totally ruined his vacation.

Dec 23 I felt awful... deep chills that had me shaking. The chills lasted four days, and were joined by a nasty sore throat, swollen glands under my ears, and intense fatigue. I had no appetite at all and lost 10 lbs. I spent Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day asleep in bed.

Jan 5 Jason started showing the same symptoms. It did not last as long for him. He's fine now.

Jan 6 I woke up in the morning and I was able to swallow again and had more energy. We went shopping and I got a lot done in the house. But by afternoon my eyes were watering, my nose was running, and I had a slight fever... I caught my son's cold. For the last four days I have been sucking down meds that keep me stuffed up. I'm okay sitting down. I feel sick but I'm not bedridden. But I am glued to my chair because the room spins when I stand up. Between the dizziness and lack of energy I am not getting much done.

What you describe, LizB is the "flu" that is going around here. I don't think we have had it here. We had two OTHER viruses. But the one thing we haven't been doing is coughing.

I'm concerned that we'll catch the flu... we're all so run down from being sick and not eating normally, our resistance is low.

I feel like I've been sick Forevah.
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Here, as well as influenza, there are a host of respiratory viruses making the rounds - adenovirus, rhinovirus, coronas. Noro & a few other tummy bugs are also lingering. Then there's 'sleeping sickness... which I have & just can't shake. You spend 2-4 days just wanting to sleep & with an allover mild to moderate body ache & headache. You don't have a fever but your body temperature regulation is shot. You're hot. You're cold. You're both at once! After the initial few days constantly sleeping you can stay awake but... 'energy is for other people' - you don't qualify. And the fatigue goes on & on & on... at point during which, you can come down with flu, noro & Gawd knows what else.

Utterly miserable 'sickly season' around here this year. Hospital staff still on their feet are getting all the overtime they can handle, replacing those felled by these illnesses.
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Sue your "sleeping sickness" is what I've been recovering from. Between Christmas and New Years, there were 3 days in a row where I got 15 hours of sleep and took naps. It was crazy. I'm still not 100%. I wake up, get going with my day, and then hit a wall, my energy is g o n e. And the hot and cold fluctuations are still continuing. I thought my body was rebelling from eating too many and too much rich food. I have an intolerance to what we're guessing are preservatives in prepared foods - there are no allergy tests developed for food preservatives and the 40+ foods they tested me for all came back negative. So, I just assumed that I was suffering from having relaxed my diet too much over the Holidays. Knowing that it is probably some sort of virus is reassuring, I guess. The question is, when will it pass? I am sooo ready. I've even started juicing like a madwoman to help my body access the nutrients more easily. Between this and popping garlic and Vit C, I feel like a walking multi-vitamin! But, at least I'm walking! (Make lemonade, right? )
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What you describe sounds like noro to me. I had one last year.

Oh, man!

Anyone have clues to getting normal energy back? I wake up feeling fine but by the time breakfast is done I just want to lie down and sleep.
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I have noro right now, and that's what I've felt like since Sunday. Big symptoms started Wednesday. I thought my hot flashes had returned, but maybe not. I really have been a sloth since Sunday. I know it's "bad" when I'm still sitting on the couch for an hour past the time I decided to go outside for a cigarette. Very, very lethargic, and not due to the big D or vomiting of a noro, since I never vomit, and the other is minimal. Not dehydrated, just queasy guts, but taking vitamins and eating well. Brain is saying who gives a crap to everything.
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