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Flu Discussion This subroom is intended for "soft discussion" of flu-related topics. This includes general chat, joke threads, scenarios, discussions of personal feelings, etc.

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Question What's It Like So Far This Year?

In recent years, we've had early, localized & regional outbreak of flu in both Canada & the US. So far in Canada - nothing. Testing is revealing we're still at 'inter-seasonal' levels... very few flu cases anyway. Anecdotally, I'm not hearing about any flu or for that matter, much respiratory at all.

Is that also the case n the US & Europe?

How did the southern hemisphere season play out?
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Finland has a mild viral cold going on, starts with a low fewer and agitation of the throat, develops into a hacking cough that can last for a week or so, also a lot of nasal run.

Have not heard of deeper respiratory symptoms. So far no flu tho they pushing the wax.
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There's been a "cold" going around here for a few weeks that sounds more like a B flu. MIL had it, aunt and uncle had it. Put all three in bed for about a week.

I'm calling to make my flu shot appointment today.

I think we, in this part of N. America, will have an early season, due to the early cold.
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I'm pretty sure that the flu I had last month was type B. I base that on the fact that it was a bit more mild than other bouts with the flu. I had only 3 or 4 really terrible days, followed by about a week or so of just bad days.

It's been followed by lingering coughing fits, which my doc diagnosed as Post Infection Cough Syndrome. A few years ago, the diagnosis would have been post-viral bronchitis. It can last up to 6 weeks. I'm at about week 5 and the coughing is far less frequent, but it's still exhausting.

Since I have a chronic illness that makes me somewhat immune compromised, I went ahead and got the trivalent flu shot. I had the option to get the quad, but the risk of my reacting to it was higher, so I decided to play it safe. I got the shot last year and ended up getting a Type B flu in February anyways. It will be interesting to see how I do this winter.
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Got my shot early this year "just in case". I've read some speculation that this could be a bad year.
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