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Personal Accounts From those who've been there: self, family, media

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Thumbs up A 'Nice' Flu Shot Experience

A national drug store chain offers flu shots to the public - an alternative to going to your doctor or the public health clinic. You can make an appointment or walk in most afternoons. I wandered down today & was informed the pharmacist doing the shots today wasn't in quite yet - apologies tendered - but if I had a seat, I could fill in the questionnaire & read the info sheet while I waited. A little sitting area with magazines, a few toys for kids & of course, lots of store flyers.

The very young pharmacist arrived & called me in - I was one of only two waiting. The province has trained & certified some pharmacists to deliver the shots & I soon had reason to suspect I might be his very first 'real' flu injection ever. He seemed a bit nervous but was very careful & took his time. He went over the form I filled out, double checking allergies to eggs, flu vax ingredients, latex, (they wear gloves), asked if I'd ever reacted to a flu vax before - the usual stuff.

He very carefully laid out what he needed - he almost seemed to be going through a mental checklist. He pointed out the multiuse vial was new today - I was the first to use it; no problem there for me as long as they clean between grabbing doses. He filled the syringe & noticed as I rolled up my sleeve that I've got very skinny upper arms. He quietly switched out the fresh needle he had sitting ready for a pediatric one. A small touch but much appreciated by someone who's had more needles in bone than she cares to remember.

Excellent technique, the appropriate cautions given after he was done - a great job. He told me extra fluids today & tomorrow wouldn't hurt, an extra dose of multivits if I take those & USE the arm where I got the vax. I've learned that over the years but few practitioners tell you that.

We walked home & for the first time in years I felt a bit light headed & dizzy after a vax - a bit spacy. I've been tired lately though so I think that's all that is. We ate a really early supper & I crashed for a few hours - still tired & spacy so suspect it's me rather than the shot. No swelling, redness or bleeding, just a tiny bit of tenderness.

I think he'd be really good with kids, a quiet, unassuming man, not in the least bit threatening looking & very, very patient. I wish more flu clinic staff were that considerate.

Now, I can scratch that off my 'to do' list for another year.
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Originally Posted by CanadaSue View Post
A national drug store chain offers flu shots to the public - an alternative to going to your doctor or the public health clinic. You can make an appointment or walk in most afternoons.
As I have previously posted, these operations are all over the US in larger chain drug stores, or those attached to grocery stores.

There are a lot of programs where they are free, and most medical plans through work also allow them for free. Yes, you fill out some medical paperwork but they do all of the reimbursement paper for you. All of the ones here are electronic, so they are tightly connected with the insurance company.

If influenza shots are your thing, there is no reason not to have access to them. Even if you have to pay because of no insurance the US$25 is a lot better than missing 3-4 days of pay and a lot more $$$$ missing out of the next paycheck.

If you can't get them because of medical condition or just don't want them, the N95 can be a fashion statement.
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Just got my free, shingles, Hepatitus A and B and a DPT shot. The county is doing its best to keep up with things like Whooping Cough epidemics etc.

Since the library had needles left by druggies and they have the transient druggies on the streets, plus my eating load of clams, oysters, and shell fish, I think it was a good idea to get it done.

Painless, so far no reactions, and a good all around experience with a pleasant doctor and a few nurses.
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Hell, I went to the county for a shingles vaccine thinking it was going to be cheaper. Still cost me $196. I got my flu and pneumonia shots at the grocery store.
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No reactions but a bit of pinker face (slight fever). Arm not sore, and the injections were absolutly painless, barely a prick the needles are now so fine.

I think they are geering up trying to shortstop future problems, since they had a whooping cough resurgence last year in this state.

Also with this poor economy so many druggies and winos came with all the health issues they bring with them. Other states bus them here and in Oregon.

They took anyone who didn't have insurance, money, and whose insurance didn't cover the shots. Mine doesn't cover. Had a slight case of shingles last year and the drugs alone cost over 100$ but stopped it cold.

Have wanted the shingles vaccine but it runs over 300$. As I am low on funds and haven't gone to a primary physician yet since moving, this was a godsend.

Fast, painless, and a competent and cheerful staff.

Only drawback, a slightly pushy, but nice Avon saleslady sitting in front of me who kept trying to sell me and another resistant to cosmetics lady cosmetics. Didn't like taking no we weren't interested seriously.

We both don't use cosmetics. The other lady not even lipstick, as she thinks they are all health hazards.
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I Got a Flu shot and a TDAP vaccine at a county health clinic Friday, both at no charge for those without health insurance. My last tetanus shot was about 18 yrs ago, and I've no idea when I last had a Diphtheria- and Pertussis jab.
So how could I turn down free?

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