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A.T. Hagan
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Default Fare Thee Well, My Pen


This may be one of those things that divides us by age. Ever since I read this article yesterday I've asked about ten people whether they have a pen handy.

In my very limited poll the teens and twenty somethings did not. Everyone over the age of forty did.
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AndreaCA (07-29-2014)
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If I had any sense I'd use my phone more for note taking. Then when I get to the store I wouldn't have to realize I forgot the shopping list, or lose the appointment card from the dentist. After six decades, its hard to break habits.
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I carry a ballpoint pen everywhere I go. I've had the same Parker Jotter for almost 9,000 years now and still haven't had to replace the ink cartridge. Anyone who doesn't carry a pen needs to re-think their strategy. I usually carry a cell phone but I don't use it for grocery lists. I like paper and pens for that.... go figure
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Always, always have a pen -- usually two or three. I'm bad -- I jot notes on my hand constantly.

I can lose my keys or my mind, but thus far, never my hand

However due to hubby's abundance of appointments I do use my cell to schedule appointments and avoid conflict -- it syncs to our email/calendar at home and I use an 'old fashioned' large monthly planner and weekly board, also a separate planner to log all his blood work / glucose / labs / medication changes, etc.

The weekly board helps hubby know what's going on for any day that week, also helps to not get confused as to what day it is.

Son --- He is truly a child of technology (He's 38 so not a child, child ) He doesn't wear a watch and he might have a pen -- but his life is on his iPhone. No need for a watch, iPhone has a clock, ditto calendars both his professional life and personal life ..... I'm in awe of him taking pictures / videos on that phone, sending them back to his home and texting without missing a beat.

I plod along, all thumbs even when I use a stylus, to do anything on my cell phone..... I only recently learned how to text
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I must confess that I'm a pen snob. I have at least one with me almost all the time. I think that a well designed, beautiful pen is a functional piece of art. So I only use a Bic when desperate.

I also have a nostalgic love for a classic #2 pencil, freshly sharpened and with a virgin eraser. It just feels right to have one whenever I'm starting a writing project of some sort.

Maybe, as pens become less common, they will become more appreciated, leading to fewer Bics and more pens like this:

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I've got pens everywhere. I usually hamster at least 2 in my purse. We write notes to each other constantly, shopping lists, use daily organizers, etc. The pens are constantly going empty. When I see a pack of 3 on sale, I'll buy 2, and redistribute around the house. Then I have my special high lighting pens that I use for my organizer, to make some things stick out as more important. I also tend to color code my high lights. The act of writing things down helps me to remember things a bit better too. I do prefer printing over hand writing though. My hand writing was always a bit sloppy, and now I have become lazy. It doesn't help that my hand writing is different from most German's writing, so no one can read mine.
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Pen person here - all my bags have one tucked in there along with a small & cheap note pad.
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Well I'm a pen and cursive writer... Younger people don't seem to even write cursive script anymore.

Even with pens, they can be comfortable to write with, or a pain... People probably where saying the same things when they stopped writing with quills.
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Old 07-30-2014, 10:03 PM   #9
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Favorites are #2 pencil with soft lead, not the regular #2 pencil. It makes a darker mark and is easier for me to read especially when I work crosswords.

And I really love the gel pens for their smooth and easy writing - they just feel good to use.
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Old 07-31-2014, 11:34 AM   #10
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I like the gel pens. I have pens eveywhere. Not so fond of pencils, or markers. But every one has its particular use.
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What's that saying about spiders...within X feet of you there are a gazillion of them?

That's me and pens.
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Originally Posted by Catbird View Post
I must confess that I'm a pen snob. I have at least one with me almost all the time. I think that a well designed, beautiful pen is a functional piece of art. So I only use a Bic when desperate.
I used to have to order my Uniball Signo RT Gel in .38mm from Japan. (Or pick them up when transiting Narita.)

Luckily in the last few years they started importing them into the US.

Still have to order them from Japan if I want Uniball Signo Bit in .18mm tip.

I do have a "real" pen, a Mont Blanc Rollerball. Nice, smooth, very cool. But I rarely carry it because I am afraid to lose it.

Cursive now? Forget it. I can do it but it is SLOOOOWWWW and I can touch type fast now.
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I went to Catholic school where we all used cartridge nib pens. Later on when I worked as an artist crow quill was the pen of choice.

I keep a regular old ball point in my purse. I have a little notebook where I write my shopping list, and I cross off items as I add them to the cart.

My daughter has a smartphone which she keeps in her hand. Show it at Starbucks, show it at the cash register, show the coupons, scan to pay...
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Mrs. Hermit
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Smartphone and pen for me. I use pencil and paper at work for most of my lists. (Pencils are all that are allowed in the archive). Trying to get a notetaking software that I like and can use across platforms is as difficult as hanging on to a good pen!
This wasn't in the contract!!
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fare, pen, thee

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