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Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Tips for maintaining your car, boat, and all things mechanical.

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Default Inside story on motorcycle ridding

Thinking of Jason with this one. Go and have a giggle or two.

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My Hayabusa can trigger traffic lights. It's 500 lbs. But my old bike couldn't. I added some hard drive magnets to the bottom and then it was able.

But it's not just about traffic lights, when you are leaving a gated community, sometimes you can't leave because of it.

About the waving - It's true that scooters never wave, and guys on cruisers wave about 50% of the time if you're on a sport bike.

Lane splitting is pretty safe. You just can't do it going 60 mph faster than surrounding traffic. It prevents you from being rear ended in stop and go traffic too. It gives people incentive to ride a motorcycle by decreasing their commute time, while also decreasing traffic (since every biker would have been on a car).
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I make him wear body armor... including a really good helmet. I also listen when he thinks I am not listening and hear him tell people how fast his bike can go. He should not know such things.
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Getting to know your local traffic engineer also helps. I have called them on lights on my route to work, explained the situation, and they send a worker to lighten the trigger.

He also rode but I think some of it is to keep liability for the city down. After all calls are logged and can be used by your estate if you are killed when you continue through a "non-functioning traffic control device" (Allowed in my state. You have to wait one cycle.)
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It was my understanding that most traffic light sensors worked by sensing the change in the magnetic field introduced by the presence of the car, and not by weight. So for motorcycles, there is not enough metal mass to change the inductance enough for it to register.

That is why the introduction of the magnets Jason mentioned helped.
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yes, it's not weight based. You can tell where the sensors are because there are weird marks in the asphalt. Sometimes people park too far back for the sensor to detect a vehicle, and then everyone sits for a few rounds of the light before someone clues in.

In FL, we also have some sort of heat detecting cameras. If your car was just started up, sometimes those signals don't get tripped.

Once I was waiting on the exit of 75 on my bike, and someone drove their car into my lane, right next to me. Initially I was angry - wtf is this idiot doing? Then I realized he thought my bike wouldn't trigger the signal.
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The one about spiders..... I was riding an off-road mono-shock (when they first came out) and was going through the Florida swamps with a tied-on but open face helmet. I rode into a Banana Spider web and got the spider on my face! I slammed the bike down and tore at the helmet as the spider stung my face. Funny thing about the nylon strap holding the helmet on my head - it was very strong. Once the panic left me, I unstrapped the helmet and threw that at the bike and settled down. Bad trip!

I dream about bikes soooo much, I forgot how many I actually, really owned. I had several Yamaha SR500 single "thumpers". Single cylinder, kickstart only, no battery needed. Thump-thump-thump-thump.......

(I also had a compound fracture from a collision with an older station wagon..... hard to believe my leg could cause THAT MUCH damage!)
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