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Auburn Boy
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Default Universal FLu Vaccine - SOON?

According to an article in "IFLS" an UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE may be close at hand!


When considering HA head binding antibodies versus HA "Stalk" binding antibodies:

stalk-binding antibodies were vastly inferior in terms of neutralization potency. However, when the stalk-binding antibodies were isolated in their natural setting from human blood, their potencies were significantly enhanced and the antibodies were comparable in terms of neutralization efficiencies. The former also had the added bonus of neutralizing a range of influenza A viruses.
Yippee.., Maybe only ONE vaccine to immunize you FOREVER (well, maybe not forever..,)
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Even if it was good for only 3-4 years... be an improvement on the status quo.
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Auburn Boy (07-23-2015)
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It would be good but I don't get all tied about flu shots.

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Feather (07-24-2015)
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> widespread availability of the injection by 2018

(if all goes well)

> save thousands of lives a year

few. Is it England or UK alone ?

> The study, which last week received a multi-million pound
> European Union grant, showed the new vaccine could
> protect against a range of flu strains.

how many million
just last week
what journal (I'll search..)
how well does it protect, presumably much less than
strain-specific vaccines

> I believe there will be new flu mutations within the next
> 5-10 years that will be a serious and definite threat to human life

all human life ? or just one

> A study published last week by Public Health England and
> the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,
> found children are key “spreaders” of flu.

I'd assume this is just at the community level, not intercontinental
or from city to city. So, for example the question which strain
will be prevalent next season (so, what to include in the vax)
is presumably not answered by Chinese Children but rather by
Chinese merchants,students,.

> The super-jab attacks the M and NP .. A-strains

2 studies on Monday (2015/08/24)
separate research teams . both target HA, so the Guardian article
doesn't mention the NP+MP - vax above
led by Barney Graham
HA-stem , mice and ferrets , H5N1
The first human trials are at least three years away, Graham added.
led by Antonietta Impagliazzo
mini HAs
less effective in macaques
Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, said:
[so presumably not involved in the studies ?]
“This is an exciting development, but the new vaccines now need to be tested in
clinical trials to see how well they work in humans. This will be the next stage of
research, which will take several years. So we are still some way from having
better flu vaccines for humans.”


"This is a leap forward compared to anything done recently. They have good animal data,
not just in mice but in ferrets and monkeys too. And they've done it with the bird
flu virus H5N1,"
[I'm not sure, is Oxford somehow involved or independent
or even a competitor ]
Now, in a pair of studies in Science and Nature Medicine, two teams separately
reported a new way to create new vaccines by targeting a relatively stable part of
the HA molecule — the stem.
“This is a leap forward compared to anything done recently,” said Dr. John Oxford,
a flu expert at the University of London to BBC News.
Graham ,Impagliazzo

The quest for a broadly protective or "universal" influenza vaccine suffered a setback
recently when the US Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA)
determined that industry plans submitted in response to a formal request for
proposals (RFP) fell short of the government's requirements, according to
BARDA Director Robin Robinson, PhD.
... concern about the agency's future pandemic flu funding, as bills now in Congress
would provide far less than the $170 million the Obama administration has requested
for fiscal year 2016.
6-9 candidates
"Our strategy for the long term is that we need at least four vaccine candidates to get
one that could be successful within the next decade,"
BARDA's 2015 budget =$72M
“This is really cutting-edge technology,” says Antonio Lanzavecchia, an immunologist
at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, who is unaffiliated with both studies.
[but BARDA was so pessimistic ... I guess there is unmentioned competition
and bias USA vs. EU, so I'd like an American confirmation of the cutting-edge-ness]
I can't find anything actual about the NP+MP-vax ?!
review Feb.2015: Wiersma,Rimmelzwaan, deVries
"not quite nailed it yet"

google-scholar for "universal influenza vaccine" and "nucleoprotein"
gave 58 results for 2015
Adenovirus-mediated artificial MicroRNAs targeting matrix or nucleoprotein genes protect
mice against lethal influenza virus challenge
… protective immunity against divergent influenza viruses by oral
co-administration of Lactococcus lactis expressing nucleoprotein adjuvanted with cholera toxin
Developing Universal Influenza Vaccines: Hitting the Nail, Not Just on the Head , s.o.
Universal influenza vaccines, science fiction or soon reality? ,
deVries,Altenburg,Rimmelzwaan, June,2015
" not science fiction but may soon become reality"
Tremendous efforts are being made at present to develop universal influenza
vaccines and they may become reality, rather sooner than later.
["soon" may be 5 years ?!]
Cross-protection against influenza virus infection by intranasal administration of nucleoprotein-based vaccine with compound 48/80 adjuvant
M2e-Based Universal Influenza A Vaccines
Synthetic long peptide influenza vaccine containing conserved T and B cell epitopes reduces
viral load in lungs of mice and ferrets [plosone]
Protective efficacy of the conserved NP, PB1, and M1 proteins as immunogens in DNA-and
vaccinia virus-based universal influenza A virus vaccines in mice

faz in German:
"Einen Haken gibt es aber noch" there is still one problem [but they don't
say which, afaics]
Gary Nabel und Barney Graham ; Sanofi ; Vaccine Research Center , NIH, Bethesda. ferrets
Ian Wilson, Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla , monkeys
Nature Medicine, (doi: 10.1038/nm.3927), Science [linked]
a chart says more than 1000 words

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