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Thumbs up Oric - Istanbul Won't Be Sorry

Metalcraft Marine is a happy, prosperous LOCAL company producing state of the art fireboats that no city/port has ever regretted buying. I get to walk by their original factory, (still very busy), every time I walk downtown & when I'm not rushed for time, I check to see what's floating at their docks. Sometimes, the shed doors are open & you can see the hulls being worked on.

They've held a few open houses & proudly displayed their work spaces & craft in various stages of construction. I've rarely seen staff so proud to discuss what they work on & WHERE they work. I love it when I'm near the waterfront & they're testing their boats, especially the water hoses.

These aren't cheap but worth every cent. The company is quite capable of & happy to integrate different security functions - they do a few really cool iterations of HazMat ready boats as well:

***Order a Turkish delight

Kingston's MetalCraft Marine recently announced it has secured a multimillion-dollar contract to build and deliver three Firestorm 50 fireboats for the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

According to a news release from MetalCraft Marine, the trio of boats will provide the Istanbul Fire Department with the latest marine firefighting technology available.

The three fireboats, which will be constructed in Kingston and Cape Vincent, N.Y., will provide Istanbul, a city of just over 14 million people, with a level of security it currently does not have for one of the busiest ports in the world, located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara at the Bosporus Strait near the Black sea.

MetalCraft said the Istanbul Fire Department spent a year "defining their very tight specification" to meet their exacting needs, looking at other MetalCraft fireboats operating at such U.S. ports in San Diego, Seattle and Houston.

Istanbul officials, said the release, like the options of having three identical boats to help with familiarity with the firefighting equipment in staffing, training and maintenance.

MetalCraft said its Firestorm 50 is the fastest fireboat and has the highest pumping capacity of any 15-metre fireboat in the world.

MetalCraft has built about 100 Firestorm, Firebrand and Fire Rescue boats since 2002 and has provided boats to many major U.S. ports, such as New York City, Boston and Miami.

The hull of the first boat is currently under construction at its Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard shop.

Bob Clark, contracts manager for the boat builder, said Tuesday his Turkish customers were very meticulous in their due diligence before awarding the contract to MetalCraft Marine. Turkish officials wanted to ensure that MetalCraft Marine's Workers' Compensation was up to date, government filings were done and all taxes were paid, among other stipulations.

"It was really quite unusual and quite different from what we've seen before," Clark said.

It helped that the local boat builder had a local sales agent in Istanbul familiar with what the port needed in terms of fireboats and what MetalCraft could provide. The Turkish sales agent was also educated at McGill University in Montreal.

"In many countries like Turkey, you must have a local rep. They won't deal with you directly internationally," Clark said.

As well, it was the durability of the boats that convinced Istanbul Fire Department officials to commit to the contract.

A Firestorm 50 was delivered around 2004 for the Miami-Dade Fire Department in Florida. Since then, that boat has been busy fighting hundreds of fires on shore and on small commercial freighters on their way to and from the Caribbean.

"That boat's been a workhorse for them and they have 10,000 hours on it," Clark said. "That's a massive number of hours using the boat."

The Firestorm 50 travels at 40 knots full speed and can pump more than 30,000 litres of water a minute. That's a very large amount of water, Clark said.

He describes the contract from Turkey as very good for the local business.

Clark said he couldn't divulge the exact price of the boats because that information is part of the contract, but he confirmed it was a multimillion-dollar deal.

"It's one of our high-volume deals; it's a lot of revenue per boat."

Clark said building three identical boats side by side will save costs as well.

Some other projects on the go for MetalCraft Marine include a 13.7-metre work boat for Imperial Oil that will be used around the tarsands in Northern Alberta, as well as boats for the Canadian Navy and a large contract for 70 small boats for the U.S. navy.

Many of the boats MetalCraft will build at its Cape Vincent shop will be for work boats for the navy and U.S. Coast Guard for oil spill response.

Since the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, U.S. agencies realized they did not have enough vessels to battle an oil spill.

Clark said the navy and U.S. Coast Guard used every available boat they had for oil spill response.

"They flew them in from other countries."

Clark said the small boats had a hard time battling the conditions in the gulf and many were damaged beyond repair.

"Some of these oil spill response boats are not designed around sea states. They're designed for flat water and getting the oil booms out," he said.

MetalCraft Marine built about 30 boats to replace the old crafts, and another 40 boats are being built for U.S. military bases that are stationed on water. Clark said those bases handle a lot of petroleum products and need to have these boats available in case of a spill.

"They want to make sure that they never have a catastrophic mistake happen to them," he said.

In order to get U.S. navy and U.S. Coast Guard contracts, at least 51 per cent of the boat must be built stateside, and the majority of the hull and super structure must be put together south of the border as well.

Other boats under construction at MetalCraft include 46 8.8-metre patrol boats for the Bangladesh army, and a 19.8-metre glass-bottomed boat for Blue Heron Tours from Tobermory, Ont., at the top of the Bruce Peninsula.

Clark also said a Donald Trump presidency could be good for MetalCraft Marine's business and its 84 Kingston employees and 16 in Cape Vincent.

"He wants a 300-ship navy because we'll put all the small boats on those ships," Clark said...***

Searching for a dream to run after & catch!
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Oric do you have a life jacket ?

Just asking .

All paper is a short position on gold . “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.”

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Originally Posted by Ross View Post
Oric do you have a life jacket ?

Just asking .

Not in Istanbul
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istanbul, oric

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