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Talking Because I can, that's why.........

Said the sea lion who decided to lay atop a car's roof

Now, wait for it....... He gave the car the 'seal of approval'

Sea lion picks hood of car for a nap spot

One driver in Freeland, Wash. just received a seal — er, sea lion of approval, napping on top of her car.

Melanie J. Sceva Hill filmed the scene on Saturday in the Nichols Brothers shipyard, where a sea lion climbed on top of a Honda Civic and took a nap. Two cars from the Sheriff's office were eventually dispatched to the incident and helped rouse the sleeping sea lion — carefully, so as not to get a nip from the animal's sharp teeth.

Considering the sea lion weigh a couple hundred pounds, hopefully the owner of the vehicle got their Civic checked out by a mechanic. And hopefully the sea lion wasn't too perturbed by the interruption to its nap.

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