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Default Ice Fishing Has Its Rewards, But Bring A First Aid Kit

Tom Hansen, a regular ice fisher in Lake of the Woods, Minn., with
a pike he caught earlier in the day.
Joe Henry


When winter freezes Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota, the landscape becomes dotted with sturdy wooden or metal shacks and canvas shelters. Inside them, people are ice fishing.

The sport attracts people to the frigid winter lakes in Canada and the northern United States. Some take it seriously enough to partake in official competitions. But for most people, it is a way to enjoy time with family, friends and perhaps a bottle of schnapps, and ultimately a delicious fish dinner from the day's efforts.

But the seemingly harmless sport, which often involves hours of patient waiting in freezing temperatures, has risks of injuries, according to a new study. And those risks are higher than for traditional fishing, the study finds. Researchers looked at a public database of emergency department reports across the United States, referencing 8,220 patients who suffered either traditional or ice fishing-related injuries.
The rest at NPR.
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What a beautiful fish.
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In my area, most injuries are due to travel to, from, and ON the ice while on a snowmachine. People up here are pretty savvy about ice conditions, so it's not that common to go through and drown. Part of that, I think, is that the snowmachines are far faster these days, when compared to my childhood.

I hope the owner of that sleeper hut lives in an area of no snow. Between no roof support and the ribs on the metal going the wrong way, that's a collapse waiting to happen with a good snowfall.
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