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A.T. Hagan
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Default Teenage girl sues her father for causing a car crash that left her with permanent spinal injuries gets $4.1million in damages

Ms Kim, then 14, was riding in back seat when her dad drove through a stop sign
She suffered two herniated discs in neck and one in her back after 2013 crash
The teen girl sued her father and has been awarded $4.1 million by a jury
Attorney offered her $15,000 settlement before trial, but she turned it down


The girl, only identified as Ms Kim, was at the time 14 years old, when she was riding in the back seat of her father's car on February 23, 2013.

Her father, Isaac Kim, reportedly drove through a stop sign at the corner of Atwood Avenue and North Summit Street in Tenafly, according to NJLawJournal.com.

His vehicle then smashed into another vehicle causing Ms Kim to suffer two herniated discs in her neck and one in her back.
She's riding in her father's car. He runs a stop sign causing a crash and injuring her. She then sues her father so that his insurance company is now on the hook for a multi-million dollar payout.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one.
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The insurance company can easily draft a policy that excludes coverage for stuff like this. I guess they didn't - oops.
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This happens more often than you think from groups of people with less resources (no medical, no savings, etc.)

They only way they can get money for medical treatment is to sue, which really means the insurance company, who is likely the only one here which has assets.

The only reason you are reading this is because of the father/daughter relationship. Kind of like "man bites dog" story.

Of course it also happens in fraud scenarios. People buy month to month insurance, send in the first check/payment, have an accident that month, file a claim and immediately drop the insurance.

Probably one of the biggest issues online insurance companies that issue more than just the bare minimum car insurance. (The General, eSurance, etc.)
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$41million, car, causing, crash, damages, father, girl, injuries, left, permanent, spinal, sues, teenage

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