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A.T. Hagan
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Default Labourer in Turkey is hospitalised with radiation poisoning after taking home stick of iridium-192 from construction site.

Child labourer, identified only as Eyüp B, hospitalised with radiation poisoning
Took home stick of iridium-192 because he thought it was string of prayer beads
His eyes started to turn red, bruises appeared on his body and began vomiting

The Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) conducted radiography
tests on the construction site of the dam and notified authorities a
radioactive material in a device had gone missing
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Removing the spin we can reasonably infer ....

He is not a child ( 17 years ) .

He stole it .

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In case you were wondering what it might be used for in an industrial setting:

Industrial Applications
Radioactive Ir-192 is used principally for non-destructive testing (NDT) and, to a lesser extent, as a radio-tracer in the oil industry. Industrial gamma radiography involves the testing and grading of welds on pressurized piping, pressure vessels, high-capacity storage containers, pipelines, and certain structural welds. Other tested materials include concrete (locating rebar or conduit within the concrete), machined parts, plate metal, and pipe wall. Gamma radiography is also used to identify flaws in metal castings and welded joints, as well as to indicate structural anomalies due to corrosion or mechanical damage.
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Originally Posted by Ross View Post
Removing the spin we can reasonably infer ....

He is not a child ( 17 years ) .

He stole it .

I think so too. Something doesn't add up. The article makes it sound like the metal was just sitting there unhoused and he took it home to play with it. Much more likely scenario is he stole the device, knowing it was pretty valuable. Might've decided to open it up and see what was inside. Oops.
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