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Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Tips for maintaining your car, boat, and all things mechanical.

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blue gecko
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Default Golf Carts

We've been thinking about getting a golf cart for working around the property. We think a cart would be best because it would be easier for my father to get in and out of. The terraine is hilly so we think a gas model might be better and like the sound of a Yamaha adventure 2. Anyone have any experience or suggestions? My mom has a couple of carts and goes all over her property (like an Indy 500 crosscountry racer lol). We think this would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. We'd have something to carry supplies in and my dad could come along when we're working around the property.
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BG, Carts work great around the place. We've had one for yrs. Electric ones and gas. Forget the electric.
You can get a truck box that bolts on the back. Its a real back saver. I've even installed a gun rack on ours for the rabbits in the garden
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I know they used the carts all over the camp I work at in the summer. They use them to transport campers and for maintence. They even have one with a wheel chair lift.
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carts, golf

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