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Glenn 50
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Default Adverse reaction to jab?

I had the flu jab on Monday. By Wednesday evening I was feeling ill. Tired, aching, nausea and off my food. Thurday I developed sore lymph nodes under my arms.
I still have the whole bundle of symptoms and today Sunday went to the after hours doctor.
He said that reactions are fantasy as far as the jab goes. Diagnosed a virus or a bacterial infection and sent me off with antibiotics in case it's the later.

I have a compromised immune system which is the reason I get the jab and I am not convinced that the jab is completely innocent in this episode of illness.

I have always looked sideways at folk who complain about innoculations but now I wonder.
Any ideas?
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Every time I've got the jab in my whole entire life I got the flu. I haven't had the jab since I got out of the Air Force in '94 and haven't had the flu since then. Go figure...
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Glenn, that happened to me one year right after a flu shot. Got checked out by my doc. He explained I was having a shot reaction. My immune system was being 'extremely vigorous' in doing what it was supposed to do - producing antibodies like stink & as a consequence i would fee 'flu-y' for a day or two. I did, it passed.
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I haven't had the flu since I quit getting the shots, not going to start again.
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