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Arrow Outstanding well sediment pre-filter

I had a real problem with excessive sediment in my well, and I was going through sediment filters pretty quickly. That gets expensive, so my landlord (who pays for the filters) found a neat solution. He found this little inline filter unit that you install before the regular sediment filter. It filters out the really big stuff; 100 microns or larger. It has a stainless steel filter that never needs replacing. But the really slick part is that the filter container has a hose fitting on the bottom. You just unlock the safety locking lever, grab the top of the filter unit and rotate it 90į. All the mud and crud gets flushed right out the bottom of the filter canister through the hose fitting. You can just hook it up to a garden hose and flush that stuff out though the hose, or just put a bucket under it and flush it into that. It works great!

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Nice find !
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Default water filters

The lawn and crop irrigation industry has had cyclone sediment filters similar to these nice pre-filters for about 25 years. Some even have a timed automatic ďdrainĒ solenoid; the filter cleans itself so you donít need to remember to drain it manually.

Donít buy the filters that rely on a nylon screen, they donít hold up to years of use, go either with the stainless steel screen, or (better yet) go with the plastic disk filters (like a stack of poker chips, with grooves on the edges for filtering) for the best filtering and long life. The best models usually come from Israel, where they are used on the drip irrigation systems that water their reclaimed farm-lands.

You can get filters from 1000 micron (fine gravel size), all the way down to 10 micron (sand and silt). If your water is full of particulate, consider using a set of filters in series (one after another) instead of just one, the slight loss of head pressure and flow is more than made up with much longer times between cleanings. For higher flow and less loss of pressure, use multiple filters in parallel (side by side).

I use this style filters regularly when Iím designing/installing aquaponic and hydroponic systems for home-owners and up to 3 bay commercial greenhouses, or in rain barrel systems to pull the solids from the water column as it flows from the barrels to the drip irrigation systems. Iíve found them to be reliable, low cost, easy to use, and quite effective.

Shop on-line at farm and irrigation websites, they charge less than half the cost of similar filters at the big box stores.
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