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Default Three Ebola variants cocirculating in Guinea

The study doesn't indicate that there have been any major genetic changes. But it's still interesting to see the distribution pattern of the different variants.

Extract from a CIDRAP report from June 24:
...Three virus variants in Guinea

In other news, three distinct Ebola virus variants have been cocirculating in Guinea, especially in Conakry and neighboring towns, according to a gene sequencing study published in Nature today by researchers based at the Pasteur Institute in Dakar and Paris.

Their goal was to characterize how the Ebola virus evolved in Guinea between July and November 2014. They were able to sequence the virus from samples containing only small amounts of biological material based on collaboration with scientists from Harvard University's Broad Institute who were working in Sierra Leone.

They found that variant cocirculation in Guinea showed a different pattern than seen in Sierra Leone or Liberia. The investigators reported that the first variant closely resembled those seen early in the epidemic, which started in Guinea, and is detected only in Guinea, in both urban areas such as Conakry and in forested regions.

The second variant is related to the virus circulating in Sierra Leone, but could have evolved similarly in Guinea, the group reported. The sequences confirm two separate Ebola introductions into Mali in October and November 2014.

The third variant they identified came from Conakry and surrounding locations, and similarities to viruses from Sierra Leone and epidemiologic data hint at multiple Ebola reintroductions from Sierra Leone into the area around Conakry.

Though the study shows genetic diversity in the viruses that circulated in Guinea, investigators found that the mutation rate was well within those reported earlier for the Ebola virus.
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