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Default Philippines suspends monkey exports

Philippines suspends monkey exports after Ebola deaths

Yahoo News - ‎Sep 10, 2015‎

Eleven captive Philippine macaques have died after contracting the bat-borne Ebola Reston virus while nine others are under treatment, they said.


Philippines Ebola update: Macaque exports suspended

Posted by Robert Herriman on September 10, 2015 // Leave Your Comment
Philippines Bureau of Animal Industry officials announced today that macaque exports have been suspended after reports of 11 monkeys dying, with at least one of the dead monkeys confirmed positive for Ebola Reston Virus (ERV).

Last weekend, Department of Health (DOH) officials announced that monkeys in at least one facility tested positive for the virus, which is lethal to primates but not humans, and more than 2 dozen employees were screened for ERV. Not we know that more than 60 people have been tested.

Health Secretary Janette Garin said, “The good news is that all the human handlers and personnel exposed to the monkeys were negative for Ebola Reston.

“The situation has been contained. The possible sources (of infection) have been traced.”

“This kind of Ebola is the least harmful in terms of human affectation. This is limited to monkeys,” Health Secretary Janette Garin continued.

The Philippines is among the world’s major exporters of laboratory monkeys and has so far shipped close to 300 monkeys to Japan this year, and 600 last year, according to Simeon Amurao, assistant director of the Bureau of Animal Industry.

LISTEN to Sec Garin discuss the ERV situation


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Humans ARE primates...

I hope that it doesn't mutate into something that will affect humans. Or... I wonder, could it be made into a vaccine against the more virulent strains? The way cowpox confers immunity to smallpox?
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Poor monkeys. First monkey pox, now ebola.
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Default Gilead Sciences,

Originally Posted by Sysiphus View Post
Poor monkeys. First monkey pox, now ebola.
Not to worry Sysiphus.

New compound found to cure Ebola in monkeys

A treatment administered to monkeys 3 days after being infected with Ebola virus resulted in 100% survival of the monkeys, according to research findings presented this week at the IDWeek conference in San Diego, CA.

The compound is a novel nucleotide analog prodrug, which works by blocking the viral RNA replication process. If the virus can be prevented from making copies of itself, the body's immune system has time to take over and fight off the infection...

"This is the first example of a small molecule, which can be easily prepared and made on a large scale, that shows substantive post-exposure protection against Ebola virus in nonhuman primates. In addition to 100% survival in treated animals, the profound suppression of viral replication greatly reduced the severe clinical signs of disease."...

GS-5734 was found to be active against a broad spectrum of viral pathogens, including Lassa virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), Marburg virus and multiple variants of Ebola virus,

Ebola can persist in water for up to 8 days.
Source: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/300864.php
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Two articles well worth reading... & both certainly raise a lot of questions in my mind. Some thinking, (& sleeping), to do first.
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