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Default The Milo Controversy

Those of us who follow the outrageously outspoken and politically incorrect rising star, Milo Yiannopolis, know that he was the victim of a pedophile. He is vague on the details, but between the ages of 14 and 17 he engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with "Father Michael", a young Catholic priest, and he credits this relationship with informing his identity as a homosexual. Milo still seems to have some affection for Fr Michael, going so far as to claim he (Milo) was sexually precocious and actively seeking out relationships with adults at that age. He claims HE "was the predator". For that reason he does not label the relationship pedophilia, and applies that only to relationships with pre-pubescent children.

Milo makes it very clear that HE is not into 14 year olds. (he is in a serious relationship, he and his partner are similar ages and discussing becoming parents.) Milo is not a pedophile.

However he does recognize that young teen/older man relationships are common in homosexual circles, and says he has attended some parties in California where the boys were shockingly young. He clearly showed dismay discussing their youth and at some point says he feels the age of consent as it is now is appropriate.

The comments that are currently stirring controversy have been cherry picked and heavily edited from this video:

The discussion between Milo and Joe Rogan is all over the place. They covered a dozen subjects. It turned to religion around 1:49:30 and he soon flippantly mentions Fr Michael but the main conversation takes place shortly after the 2:22 mark.

It is my understanding $250 million was spent trying to dig up dirt on Milo, in order to silence his voice. He was seen as a serious threat because of his influence on young voters and his recent inquiries into Pizzagate.


The kickback has been Milo being uninvited from being a speaker at CPAC, and having his book deal at Simon and Shuster (#1 book preordered on Amazon) cancelled. He may lose his job at Breitbart.

Here's Milo's response:

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I do follow Milo and I've read his statement and have now watched this video. I believe him. There is a stark contrast with his explanation and lack of contrived contrition compared to Bill Clinton -"I did not have sexual relations...." or Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi video or Roman Polanski who stated in his book about raping a 13 year old that he "did not drug Geimer, that she "wasn't unresponsive".

I freaking detest pedophilia with every fiber of my being but I get what he's saying with regards to his poor choice of words and his explanation about choosing them. I also certainly understand the lengths the left will go to discredit their foes. When you can't win on issues you lie, cheat and steal. This movie has been seen before. It's too bad because anyone that has the left this pissed off has to be doing something right.
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I thought that it was totally a no-go zone nowadays to insinuate any link between being a homosexual and pedophilia. I guess unless you happen to be a conservative homosexual.

It was only a matter of time before they brought him down.
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"Brought down"? They're attacking him but haven't brought him down yet. They'll try & keep trying. What is going to make it difficult is that he'll be the first to state that he, as any other person, doesn't have any inherent right not to be offended or attacked.

As with the shopping boycott controversies, much of the hysterical reaction against him, is mired in irony. If you don't like him, disapprove of him or anything he has to say - avoid his presence, his speeches, presentations & words - that is & must remain an entirely individual choice. But when you or anyone try to impose that choice on others by silencing people...
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There's no justice - it's just us
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He resigned from Breitbart.

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controversy, milo

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