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Smile hi, I am new at this spot and I found it to be very interactive and appealing

hello to all, I found this place to be very interactive and appealing for introducing scrapping as form of craft as this place is filled with similar ideas of arts and crafts. Each of its forums is distinct in itself to cater the broader spectrum of scrap booking at this place. I wish to continue a lot with revelation to my fellow contributors about scrapping ideas, experience and rest that I have to offer. I feel you must be finding it to be very interesting and I would remain discussing with things in successive posts of mine.
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Welcome, it's nice to have you here. I hope that you find other people who share your interest in scrapbooking. I know a lot of my friends like to do it, although I haven't had time to do anything like that yet.

I have the impression that you live in a country other than the USA. Is that correct?
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No, not a bot.
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I LOVE Fairys too
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welcome bradensmith! may I inquire as to your country of origin as your use of noncolloquial speech patterns give us the impression that you may not be of a native english speaking country.

if this is not the case hey dude chill, hang loose, let the slang flow... we wont bite
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I don't know that any of us here are scrappers, but please feel free to post links to either your work or things that you think might be of interest. What would be a good beginner website for scrapbooking?
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