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Flu Prep This room is dedicated only to discussion of medical preparation for flu and the mitigation of the spread or symptoms of influenza. Please use the Prep Room for generic prep discussions (food, water, security, etc.)

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Default Purchasing Tamiflu Preps Possible

I stumbled on this thread at CE.com. It gives a pretty good coverage of the issue and is worth a read.


There is thorough discussion of why you may not be able to get a prescription for prep supplies from your doctor.

Two sources are given and people's experience with them. The prices are of course high and vary with the expiration date of the product. Someone commented that the product might very well be useful well beyond the listed expiration date.

On this page you will find information on dosage and the amount you would need to complete a course of treatment. Clicking on Buy Tamiflu 75 mg will take you to prices and ordering.


This page will take you to prices from another supplier.


Whether anyone chooses to order or use Tamiflu in this way is an individual decision and this post is for informational purposes only.

Thanks to CE.com for the discussion.

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We had no problem getting our doctor to prescribe it for our kid who probably has Swine Flu. $80 though. Ouch. She is too old to be on our insurance and her own doesn't kick in for a few weeks. Figures.
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TBonz, hope your daughter feels better soon.
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preps, purchasing, tamiflu

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