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Flu Prep This room is dedicated only to discussion of medical preparation for flu and the mitigation of the spread or symptoms of influenza. Please use the Prep Room for generic prep discussions (food, water, security, etc.)

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Originally Posted by BirdGuano View Post
Better do a simple will, because without one you get probated and the state's lawyers keep 7% and your estate, and your kids may not get excess distributed like you want.

Lots of free templates online.

Ok, I'll have a look. Thanks!

One thing I'm excited about, after my check comes in next week, I will be completely debt-free.

And them I'm going to see the eye doc at Costco, get new glasses and pay that off with the check after that.

And hope that my teeth hold up for a good while longer. lol
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I just came upon this thread and wanted to add that I too am getting together a book of memories and such for my son...not just because of H1N1..but like Sarrah said you never know when your time will come. I want my son to know how much he means to me and what a wonderful journey we are having.

One thing I am doing this week as well is taking out life insurance..I have made way to many excuses and put it off, but I think that now is as good a time as any to protect my families future financial interests should anything happen to me or my husband.
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