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Outdoors Hobby or work, if you do it outside, this is the place to talk about it.

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Thumbs up Spring is Springing - At It's Own Pace!

It's reluctant, temperamental, even a tad bitchy but Miz Spring is on her way. Like a spoiled debutante waiting to be announced at a society ball, maybe she feels that previously she didn't get enough attention. This year, she's certainly making us beg for her entrance!

It's ever so slowly warming here, (Sue says staring out at snowflakes falling); with temps above freezing, even if the air is cold. It hammered down rain yesterday from mid-afternoon until midnight or so & we had heavy winds with that. It certainly melted away much of the snow - locally, I estimated we're down to 20% or so cover.

City street cleaners are already on the move & they have a lot of 'ick' to clean away this year. The rain yesterday helped as well.

I wish it were nicer today, it's a raw day, cloudy, the odd period of light snow & windy - just a few degrees above freezing. We're staying indoors today. SO is ill - I think he's got a whomping case of pleurisy & I'd love to know what else is going on. He's doing the 'fever/chills' cycle & is freezing me out of the house with every window wide open - ugh! I couldn't sleep last night - should have grabbed more blankets. Napping in a bit with the bedroom window CLOSED.

Thursday afternoon was nice or nice enough. Shortly after I came home from work we walked back to our little island, focusing this time on the tip by the narrowest part of the river. Tons & tons of waterfowl - more Canada Geese than we could count, a few loons & loads of ducks - mergansers, (a few types), scoters - I think, wigeons - again I think. Little buggers won't hold still long enough for me to pin down details.

The neatest sight - a pair of mute swans bobbing along beside FIVE Great Blue Herons, with a sixth one about 50 yards away. We could hear a fair number of song birds but weren't successful in spotting any.

Mid-week, the weather should get a little nicer & assuming SO is still breathing, we'll head out again. This time, I'm bringing my bird field guide with me - does me little good at home in the book shelf!
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Spring? please send it north west.

We got 3-4" of snow yesterday.
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pace, spring, springing

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