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Within Our Home Here we talk about keeping our home and everything inside of it - including our cars and computers -clean, well organized, and well maintained. We also have our Classroom here, for those who Homeschool or extend their childrens education in the home.

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A.T. Hagan
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Default Japanese "dozing desks"

These things may have potential. Particularly if they can be made easy to carry.


Though for some folks they may only hasten their devolution into amorphous blobs.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
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El Turco
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Dozing desk sounds more like an office desk that turns into a bed, not this one !
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Senior Level 6
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I bought hubby a lap desk very much like the on pictured in the article. I'd thought it would be perfect for him to use with his Kindle for reading (a laptop / keyboard not being an issue due to his significant tremors) whether in his chair or sitting in bed.

It was sturdy enough to use but difficult for him to adjust on his own. It now resides in the closet of good intentions

However through trial and error we found the best option for him was a simple lap tray that isn't adjustable, is easy for him to fold down the legs to use and fold up the legs, to sit beside his chair.
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The Japanese dozing desk, AKA job security for physical therapists for decades to come.
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NowVoyager (08-01-2014)
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Wingy Spud
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I think a portable desk would be good for those with compact spaces who don't have room for a desk or work area.
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dozing desks, japanese

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