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Default UVA hockey goalie ejected for pounding a brewski during timeout

U.Va. goalie ejected from opener for drinking beer during game
Excited fan hands Anderson Keystone Light over glass
by Kayla Eanes | Sep 15 2015 | 09/15/15 10:42pm

University Hockey goalie Jake Anderson, a third-year College student, was ejected from the season opener against Virginia Commonwealth University Monday for drinking a beer on the ice during a timeout.

The University was up by seven goals before the third period in the game when an excited fan handed Anderson a Keystone Light. While the crowd cheered him on, the incident earned the University team a five minute major penalty and a disqualification for Anderson.

While Anderson sat out the rest of the game, the University went on to defeat VCU 10-1. Anderson may face a suspension from Friday’s game.

The incident, caught on video, has since gained the attention of national media, reported by both Yahoo Sports and CBS.

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Ejected? They should give him a freakin' medal!
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