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Default Ideas for inexpensive gifts

Perhaps there's already a similar thread, if so MODS, please lump my with that one -- OK?

Anyway ......... I'm keen for finding ideas for assorted DIY gift ideas. I'm not as talented as many of our members when it comes to sewing, quilting knitting or crocheting, but when I have the time, I do enjoy making gifts from the heart (yes, I do possess a heart ) to give to different people .......

Dollar stores are a favorite haunt and more so since some of my long time favorite shops to score deals from their discount / close out racks and shelves, are not nearly as successful in the last several months. A sluggish economy means less initial seasonal buying by the shops means less potential merchandise to deeply discount later ........

I've long embraced the basic by very adaptable baskets, boxes and bowls at our local 'dollar stores' ---- I can fancy them up with ribbons, faux foliage, hot glue gun, beads and such, then fill them with homemade treats........

But I'm thinking perhaps a thread that sourced basic, less costly items and used them as the basis for creating awesome personal gifts might be a nice idea. How many of us are reluctant to treat or indulge ourselves? So maybe we can indulge ourselves with homemade 'little luxuries' ---

Here's a recipes for thick, rich body cream that would be perfect as a gift to a friend or yourself I tend to clean and save small and medium sized plastic jars for storing buttons and beads and such, but they'd be perfect to customize and fill with a lovely, rich, scented body cream

Indulge your Winter skin with a trip to the dollar store. All you need are two ingredients and about $2 to make this decadent whipped lotion that will leave your skin seriously moisturized. You can personalize the lotion with a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a really decadent cream. Dollop into a container and keep it for yourself or give it as an indulgent gift.

Keep reading for the directions:


4 1/2 ounces petroleum jelly
10 ounces vitamin E lotion
Mixing bowl
Essential oil (optional)
Hand mixer
Sealable container


It's as simple as squeezing out the petroleum jelly and lotion into a mixing bowl. You can use any type of lotion you like from the dollar store, and plain petroleum jelly works just fine. But if you include the creamy kind that's infused with cocoa butter, the lotion hits a seriously moisturizing level.

Personalize with a few drops of essential oil or leave it as is. Around 10 to 20 drops give your lotion a nice scent.

Pop together your hand mixer and blend the mixture on high for one minute, which whips things together and incorporates air for a frosting-like consistency.

Fill your sealable container and get ready for amazingly moisturized skin! Or wrap it with a pretty ribbon and give it to someone special for a memorable gift!

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For anyone with a green thumb & a seemingly inexhaustible supply of plantlets, offsets, cuttings, etc & space to grow them...

When you prune back houseplants for shape or size in March, root the offsets & grow them on. In the meantime collect pretty containers. Dollar stores are great - neat little pots made of clay, plastic, glass, wood - whatever your imagination comes up with. In late summer, pot up your potential gift plants.

They're dandy for holidays, housewarming.

In late spring I haunt the nurseries & hardware stores that sell plants. Most of their staff don't have clue #1 in caring for plants & the waste is high. I can't begin to count how many great houseplants I've rescued from the dump piles behind stores; perennials & annuals as well. Houseplants that haven't been watered enough to stay in bloom can often be obtained free or for well under a dollar. Take them home, doctor them up if you have a green thumb & if you can bear to part with them - gifts!
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gifts, ideas, inexpensive

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