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A.T. Hagan
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Default Striking images show Indonesian villagers throwing sacrifices into a live volcano as an offering to their gods

Hundreds of Indonesian people known as the Tengger Hindus scale Mount Bromo annually for a religious festival
The Yadnya Kasada Festival often lasts a month and on the 14th day the Tengger people throw offerings to the gods
Livestock, vegetables, fruit, money and other valuables are hurled into the centre of the active volcano on July 21
The ceremony started in the 15th century when a princess asked the mountain gods for children and was granted 24
She was told that her last child, number 25, was to be offered as a sacrifice and thrown into the volcano
Although human sacrifices no longer exist the Tengger people throw offerings for good fortune and a good harvest

A man walks in a field as a plume of thick grey smoke erupts from
Mount Bromo (pictured) in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia - a sign
for the Tengger people to ready themselves for the annual Yadnya
Kasada Festival

Tengger Hindus have participated in the ceremony dating back as
early as the 15th century throwing a range of offerings which include
vegetables, fruits, goats, chickens (pictured), money and other
valuables during the festival which lasts a month

Indonesian villagers stand near the offerings which worshippers
have trekked to the heart of the mountain in the early morning to
throw into the volcano's crater (pictured)

The magnificent pictures show the Tenggerese people of
Probolinggo scale 2,329 metre high live volcano, before entering
the edge of the large crater (pictured)

The hundreds of worshippers are seen taking the 45 minute trek
to the centre of the mountain as per a tradition which started in
the 15th century to show their respect on July 21 - the 14th day
of the festival (pictured)

A young boy takes a goat to the peak of the active volcano
to receive blessings from the deity of Mount Bromo, Hyang Widi
Wasa and Mahadeva, the god of the mountain during the month
long festival (pictured)

The festival originated when a princess named Roro Anteng
and her husband Joko Seger called on the assistance of the gods
when they couldn't have children - they were blessed with 25 but
had to sacrifice their last child to the gods. Human sacrifice no
longer exists but livestock such as chicken are sometimes thrown
into the crater (pictured)

The ceremony is only one of the many extraordinary sights that
can be witnessed on the active volcano. Brilliant pictures of billowing
red smoke over the blanched plain were captured in the otherworldly
landscape in 2013 (pictured)

Mount Bromo is noted for its spectacular sunrises and majestic
views all the way to the Semeru Volcano located further behind it
Chance favors the prepared mind.
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Yea modern civilization
“Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again.”

It's still we the people, right?
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That's crazy s***
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I wonder how many end up inadvertantly falling in and perpetuate the human sacrifice thing after all.
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