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Default Pet hair yarn source

And Canadian made


'We can spin just about anything': P.E.I. company makes yarn out of pet fur

Mini-Mills in Belfast, P.E.I., makes yarn out of all kinds of animal fur, including dog and camel.

Belfast Mini-Mills Ltd., a textile manufacturer in Belfast, P.E.I., is putting a different spin on yarn.

While yarn is most commonly made from wool, the owners at Mini-Mills have been spinning yarn out of pet hair.

"People are quite surprised that we do dog fibre, cat fibre. Some people turn up their noses but it's amazing fibre," said co-owner Linda Nobles.

'We can spin just about anything'

Nobles said they started spinning pet hair after someone requested it several years ago — and demand just keeps growing.

More at link including photos of the process.
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My Great Pyrenees sheds enough hair every spring to make a second dog. I joke every year about having it spun so my wife could knit something out of it.
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Dog fur can be spun on it's own but you will like it more if it is mixed 50/50 with sheep's wool. Dog fur is too warm and can have the wafting odor of fido when it is wet, like, from perspiration. The type of wool you should use pretty much depends on the type of dog fur. You don't want to use dog *hair*, you want to use that soft downy undercoat they shed twice a year. Then try to match the dog fur with sheep's wool that is a similar micron width and staple length, but with much more crimp. The two most popular are merino and blue faced leicester. Merino is soft and fluffy while BFL is silky and drapes well.

You can blend it yourself, which is just brushing the fibers together so they're all traveling in the same direction (two dog brushes do a reasonable job) or send it to a mill to be processed into roving. Ravelry and Etsy both have spinners who can turn the fiber into yarn for a price, but drop spindles are very inexpensive if you want to do it yourself (cough, daughters, cough).
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Wondering how dog fur yarn smells when wet...
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