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Default Reproductability and "Climate Science"

Read this article on reproductability and then think of the current state (and politics) of climate "studies".

Science is facing a "reproducibility crisis" where more than two-thirds of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments, research suggests.

This is frustrating clinicians and drug developers who want solid foundations of pre-clinical research to build upon.

From his lab at the University of Virginia's Centre for Open Science, immunologist Dr Tim Errington runs The Reproducibility Project, which attempted to repeat the findings reported in five landmark cancer studies.
"The idea here is to take a bunch of experiments and to try and do the exact same thing to see if we can get the same results."

You could be forgiven for thinking that should be easy. Experiments are supposed to be replicable.

The authors should have done it themselves before publication, and all you have to do is read the methods section in the paper and follow the instructions.

Sadly nothing, it seems, could be further from the truth.


The problem, it turned out, was not with Marcus Munafo's science, but with the way the scientific literature had been "tidied up" to present a much clearer, more robust outcome.

"What we see in the published literature is a highly curated version of what's actually happened," he says.

"The trouble is that gives you a rose-tinted view of the evidence because the results that get published tend to be the most interesting, the most exciting, novel, eye-catching, unexpected results.

"What I think of as high-risk, high-return results."
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This worries me. I am not really anything. I am published as a First Author. I am working on more publications. On these, I would be down on the list. I "see" the system work at the highest levels and see the issue. I am not involved the culture of "publish or perish" - as I do not gain. However, the other must publish! Or perish. I operate outside the system.

Science is a beautiful thing. It is like a painting. It builds on itself. However, there is a lot of pressure.
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Science is a beautiful thing
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Fascinating. Even SCIENCE has fallen victim to the trend toward click-bait headlines and findings.

No wonder people don't trust science any more.

Here's a link to the an article that Potemkin may or may not have been referencing: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-39054778
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climate science, reproductability

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