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Default Did Trump Trade Google For North Korea?

I Know this sounds "Tin Hat". However, There are some very strange events that have happened over the last week.

Do a Google Search for things you used to look for that are expensive ($5000.00-$20.000).

I build an exclusive machine. There was only one customer in the world for the last 20 years. I have the only molds. I have the only specifications. I have the only customer list. I have the only history of purchase in the World. I have the only machines used to actually drive the attached associated specialized machine in question. I am the only supplyer listed in the scientific literature.

Google has changed the entire listing of the machine to China and Asian suppliers.

Last week, I had the first three pages of a google search of similer items.

Based on this, I downgrade my expectation of a Korean War conflict.

Based on this, I will have to modify my businness practices to limit web resposes, emails to Asia, price quotes outside the US, Sales outside the US, and any exposure to any contact not associated with the United States of America. This also may extend to cancelation to all purchase orders outside of the US Borders with the exclusion of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and California()

I know my industry. I am amazed. Copy this post.

CC: Other people here.
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I read it.
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Changes on "youtube" too.
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google, korea, north, trade, trump

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