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Default Can't get a cap or small lid off?

A nutcracker will get you into that bottle of beer or jar of anchovies. No nutcracker? Open a door partway, hold the bottle sideways, put the lid end between the door jamb and the door, close the door enough to hold the lid firmly and twist the bottle just enough to crack the seal.
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Thanks! I'll try this with our pepper shaker. So far we've tried a rubber jar opener and a opener that uses pressure..
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Try an "oil filter strap wrench". (One with the rubber strap and plastic handle.)

Grabs jar lids tight and the handle gives you leverage.

I noticed they are starting to advertise them for jars also. Must be all of those Boomers getting older.

I used my smaller one to get a filter off the front of a lens for my camera one time.

Easy enough to wash and clean to move it from the garage and kitchen but they are so cheap you might as well get 2 pairs.

I have this model from Craftsman. the "budget" model. There are other levels.


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Google "jar wrench." Works great.
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Working on it
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I found this one day at my local hardware store. It works so well I went back and bought a second one. The best thing is it works on home canned jars also without making a damaged edge of the flat lid so I can reuse them for storing things in the jars ( not canning).
It breaks the vacuum seal on jars. I love it.
For other jars with tight lids I use a square piece of rubber that I got at my bank as an advertisement lol works pretty good too

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I have an assortment of gadgets for getting into packaging - five of them, from memory. Although I'm starting not to buy stuff I can't get into other than at risk to myself.
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cap, lid, small

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