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Default Evidence of parallel universe?

Skip the MSM article with all the hyperbole and superfluous analogies and go read the paper.

highlighting mine-Pote


Evidence against a supervoid causing the CMB Cold Spot


If not explained by a CDM ISW effect the Cold Spot
could have more exotic primordial origins. If it is a non-
Gaussian feature, then explanations would then include ei-
ther the presence in the early universe of topological de-
fects such as textures (Cruz et al. 2007) or inhomogeneous
re-heating associated with non-standard inflation (Bueno
S ́anchez 2014). Another explanation could be that the Cold
Spot is the remnant of a collision between our Universe and
another ‘bubble’ universe during an early inflationary phase

(Chang et al. 2009, Larjo & Levi 2010). It must be borne
in mind that even without a supervoid the Cold Spot may
still be caused by an unlikely statistical fluctuation in the
standard (Gaussian) CDM cosmology.
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Ugh. More lunacy masquerading as science.
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evidence, parallel, universe

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