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Flu Speculation Flu Speculation A place for "off the wall" discussions and speculation about events that "may" be related to influenza ranging from news on outbreaks that might be flu but which aren't confirmed to really OTB theories related to flu.

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Default Speculation Room

If you are here looking for information about the swine flu, please be aware that THIS room is where the weird things are.

intransitive verb 1 a : to meditate on or ponder a subject : reflect b : to review something idly or casually and often inconclusively
transitive verb 1 : to take to be true on the basis of insufficient evidence : theorize
2 : to be curious or doubtful about : wonder

You will find articles here fitting any or all of the above definitions. Few of them will have scientific evidence to back them up. Many of them seem to be of the sort "let's throw all of our weirder suppositions on the wall and see what sticks." Conspiracy theories, anteaters, mandatory vaccination, french fries, Flubola, interplanetary magnetic fields, Michael Jackson, "OMG, the swine flu has combined with chicken pox and everyone is growing feathers!!!" Well, OK, not that last one, but I expect to see it any day now.

We moderators try to keep a cool head in here, so we have opened the 'SuperFluSuperSpeculation' thread for the weirdest things of all. Please wear your facemask and before opening.
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room, speculation

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