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Default Kalojam preventing liver disease

Black berry seed prevents liver diseases ( Bangladesh Black berry )

Extract from full article

Seed extract of local fruit ''Kalojam'' (black berry) plays an important role in preventing liver
diseases due to chronic alcohol drinking, according to research study, reports UNB.

A recent research study on animal shows that seed extract of ''kalojam'' significantly prevent or
slow down hepatic diseases (liver diseases) resulting from alcoholism (chronic liquor drinking) and
related free radical-induced tissue injury.

Free radical is a highly reactive chemical reactant that causes various types of harm to the body''s
biological and biochemical function leading to many serious diseases.

''Kalojam'' seed extract scavenges and decreases the liver lipid peroxides, the most culprit free
radical species, which puncture liver cells and elevate the serum enzyme level. The extract also
significantly decreases the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol) and triglyceride in liver and
blood. ............... ( continued )

Full article available at ....
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Sounds a little shaky to be calling this a treatment considering it's one study from a third world country.

But it seems there's a lot of benefits coming from red berries and wine. Poly-phenols or which resveratrol is a well known one. Not surprising they might find a good candidate in a "black berry."
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