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Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Tips for maintaining your car, boat, and all things mechanical.

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Ought Six
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Arrow Automakers sell more cars without spare tires

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Hamilton Felix
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This sucks. I recall when you used to see new pickups running around with no rear bumper, and a freshly painted spare rim only underneath the bed. They were being sold with the 5th tire as an option and the back bumper as an extra cost option, so buyers were skipping the options and purchasing their own bumpers and spare tires.

At least my 2007 Corolla has a full sized spare tire well under the trunk. I tossed the crappy SpaceSaver and bought a 5th correct wheel, put a real tire of the correct size on it, so I can carry a real spare.

My ex-Police 2000 Crown Vic had no spare, but it's been through enough hands that I don't know if the spare vanished or the original owner had gone with the option of run-flat tires and no spare that some departments do these days. I know I obtained 4 more of the correct wheels, had winter studded tires mounted up; now one of my winter tires is the spare in summer and one of my summer tires is the spare in winter.

I know tires are better these days, but flats still happen. I've torn a sidewall on a modern radial while up in the hills. Having a spare prevented a long walk home. I'm not about to drive with no spare.
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What a bunch of crap! The decline of the American auto industry really started when they switched to BS donut spares.
I think the Jeep Wrangler is the only auto to come with a real spare anymore, unless you're talking high-end Euro.
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