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Default What a Neat Day

I surprised SO with something he's been wanting a very long time yesterday morning - a decent pair of binoculars. I got lucky - they went down 33% unexpectedly, so I grabbed them. It was great to be able to do that when it's still early spring here. Loads of migrant birds around & lots to see through good binos.

So we packed the new binos & a backpack of snacks & headed to Belle Island. We've been going there once a week anyway - following the progress of spring. Yesterday finally, spring had truly arrived with trees seriously leafing out, birds flying everywhere carrying nest building material. It made a lit of a the brutally chilly weather we had - still very windy but at least we had the sun.

We spent a good hour oohing & aahing over the osprey pair with the binos. They came back about two & a half weeks ago & have been on their eggs about 10 days. Yesterday was pretty exciting because another osprey pair showed up, wheeling around in the sky over THEIR fishing grounds. Well, the male wasn't having that & we were treated to quite an airborne dogfight after a fascinating threat display by the male from the top of a light standard. It was a magnificent display of avian behaviour & we're really looking forward to following the fortunes of the nest this year.

One more day of cold sunshine ahead of us - we've been a good bit below seasonal temperatures; tehn we'll get our proper 'April showers' - albeit a bit late. It will warm considerably... from low 40s to mid 60s & man, am I looking forward to that. We'd love to do a bike excursion next weekend & Saturday looks like it might offer decent conditions. Until then...

SO has been listening to me 'agonizing' over extending my garden one last time. That last section of untouched ground along the building fence line has been calling to me - more & more loudly. I've got digging out new beds aced now, having finally figured out the least backbreaking method. I think he got tired to listening to me saying: "I will. I won't. Maybe in the fall. Maybe not at all." Mothers' Day is coming up & the perennial sale at the garden center is in its final day today. After we got home, SO surprised me by handing me a couple of twenties. He knows I can get a fair number of plants for that - heck I might even get a few 'expensive' $4.99 perennials too...LOL

So... In an hour & a half or so, I'll walk up to the bigger store & spend a delightful hour or more picking up new babies. The new area gets more sun so I'm going to transition to red/yellow/orange in that one section. Blues will link that back to my longer pink/purple/white/blue border. Plants come home - I've cleared shelf space for them, then I spend the afternoon digging & digging in leaf mould. Tomorrow - I plant.

I should have the energy for it. We spent the afternoon yesterday birdwatching & thrashing through the woods. There's no such thing as walking a straight line out there. To move forward 10 feet, you have to move 40, ducking & weaving & lifting yourself over downed trees & branches. It's really tiring. I found my ankles & feet were just fried. I was in bed before seven last night, woke up briefly around midnight for something else to eat, then back to bed until six. Lots of energy now & excited - another fun day outside.

We should have a great summer - we have our bikes, camera & now new binos. We're all set for some fun day trips - playing tourist in our own area. When we want to stay closer to home, I have my beloved garden & we have lawn chairs & reading matter! For rainy days, SO is stocked up with models to last all summer & I have a huge library reading list. Hot summer, cold summer - we're covered for any weather!

And man, am I looking forwatd to good osprey baby shots.
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Sounds like great fun CS! What a deal on the binoculars. Sounds like you're set for a very enjoyable summer.
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day, neat

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