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Default DIY Mirrored Furniture

Here it is.

I picked up the cut and pre-drilled mirror fronts earlier this week. Very expensive. I'm going to try and get those glued on with the mirror mastic this weekend, but this part makes me a little nervous, so I'm not in a big hurry to do it just yet.

If I was to do mirror furniture in the future, I would probably face the visible parts in mirror and maybe use an acrylic mirror for side pieces. I have space on each side of the nightstands for a 10X6 piece, but at 4 pieces it's about $100. No one will see them, so I may experiment with the acrylic mirror.

You can drill holes in mirror or glass yourself to save $ and there's plenty of youtubes to show you how and it looks really easy. You need the right drill bit, water, and time. I may try that as an experiment with glass later.

About 10 years ago I got a good deal on a mirrored deco piece at a consignment store and I wanted these nightstands to match, so that took a bit of experimentation with paint and antique glazes, but I didn't spend a lot of time doing that because so many others had posted their results on their blogs, and I was a success because of their efforts.

As a result, I opted not to spray paint with the silver, although you could and I've seen some good results with it, but that color didn't work with the piece I had.

A warning about sanding finished furniture if you plan to spray paint. I sanded a couple of spots to experiment and when I spray painted, it looked a little rough after the spray. It smoothed out after I painted with the MM. I left the gouges and scratches as they were, because it wasn't a deal breaker to spend a lot of time getting a smooth finish and I did want a gently distressed look. I've spray painted a lot of furniture and this was the firt time I attempted to sand any of it.

Clean, spray with Kilz, apply Modern Masters Warm Silver and Valspar (Lowe's) Antique Glaze and wipe off. The MM is great to work with. Like a stain, it works best in light coats until you get the depth of color you want. I think I put about 4 coats of poly on the top so I can leave a sweating cocktail prepared at my new bar on it.

Because of the puppy, this project took much longer than it should have and I'm going to have to postpone a lot of projects that are in the pipe; I think the puppy will work sheep like a boss, since I found out she wasn't too helpful at painting.

Here are pics:

Instinct testing for the puppy with a trainer so no painting got done. (Mom brag moment, here)

Of course a short video of *that* with the trainer


Of course, I have no clue how to make that video happen, so use your imagination!

I'll get another pic of the surface after I glue on the mirror, but we're doing sheep again this weekend.


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