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Default How To Make Lotion


How To Make Lotion: Step by Step Instructions and Tutorial
By Stephanie on January 22, 2014

How To Make Lotion

It is not difficult to make lotion at home once you know what to do, which includes starting with the proper knowledge, ingredients and equipment. If you read a couple of the other top sites with DIY tutorials that show you how to make lotion, as I did, you may be confused as to the best way to make lotion, and most importantly, how not to screw it up. A couple of the sites clearly spelled out the many problems you could encounter making lotions. They also had confusing information about the combinations of lotion ingredients. However, I had heard good things about homemade lotions, and I was determined to try it out and see if I could not master this one, and if I did, simplify the process for others. No one wants to spend the money and time procuring high quality ingredients only to have them go to waste. I was the guinea pig. I tried them all. This article will tell you what I found, and tips I discovered. Once you have everything you need, you should be set to make homemade lotion all the time and never need to buy more. It does not take many ingredients to make lotion at home, and you can find them readily available online and in some craft and soap stores.

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I use raw shea butter and coconut oil. Shea is very greasy on its own, and is not absorbed quickly by the skin. So you need to blend it with another oil. The beneficial properties of shea are destroyed once it is heated, so I use coconut oil, which I bring to room temp on a warm day so it liquifies, then blend it with the shea. I keep it in the fridge, where it hardens to a cheese like consistency.
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Thank you for posting this Potemkin. This is on my To Do list for the winter when I get a round tuit. Looking up easy instructions was going to be the more time consuming part. It's been a long time since I made my own.

I have 2 pounds of rendered young organic beef kidney fat. I discovered it was incredibly absorbable and good for my skin and lips when I was rendering it. I like it better than coconut oil or cocoa butter. I envision lip gloss, balm, face wash and lotions made with it.

Choosing and using a scent may be the trickiest part. I've been given and have sampled a lot of these "Handcrafted" products using essential oil fragrances. They are just as, or more overpowering and irritating as any Proctor & Gamble product.
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