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Default The Next Epidemic — Lessons from Ebola


Lots of talk about the US/UN/WHO/etc. getting us ready for the next big one, but, if you read carefully, it becomes obvious that the most important thing governments can do is get the hell out of the way.

… The world does not fund any organization to manage the broad set of coordinated activities required in an epidemic … few countries have met their commitments … adopted by the United Nations after the 2002–2003 outbreak of … SARS … The problem … reflects a global failure … a worldwide influenza epidemic … would reduce global wealth by an estimated $3 trillion

… many local clinicians should have been recruited, and trained personnel should have flowed rapidly into the affected countries. That didn't happen. Some countries stepped forward with volunteers within 2 to 3 months, but they were needed within days. It was fortunate that Médecins sans Frontières could mobilize volunteers more quickly than any government.

… there are drugs that work against viruses similar to Ebola … they were not tested in patients with Ebola until after the epidemic had peaked — in part because there was no clear process for approving a novel trial format or for providing indemnity against legal liability

… Plasmapheresis should have been used in the Ebola epidemic, but its application wasn't approved and scaled up until it was too late for this intervention to have a large impact. Plasmapheresis is quite effective for a number of diseases … Unfortunately, the effort was hampered by the lack of a clear process for approving new approaches … A global epidemic-drug–approval process could avert long delays …
And this is from the Gates Foundation, hardly a proponent for less government interference. Much of the article is a series of proposals for huge cash outlays that pretty much no government is ever going to make. It's a pity it didn't concentrate more on getting the government out of the process entirely.

Those who will answer that this is a problem only government is big enough to solve? I give you Firestone: http://www.npr.org/blogs/goatsandsod...-in-its-tracks
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Maybe Jeff Bezos of Amazon should get into the foundation field like the Gates couple.

He could use some good press.
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FYI - just went in for my pre admit appointment/tests at the local hospital for a surgery next week. First thing I was given was an ebola check list. Questions ran along the lines of: are you experiencing flu symptoms, have you been out of the state, have you been around anyone who's been sick and has traveled out of the state, etc.

Thought it was interesting that they are still on the lookout.
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Just in case anyone wants some good worst case scenario ebola doomer porn:

“Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again.”

It's still we the people, right?
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I love good doomer porn. Thanks!
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I went to buy it and realised I already have. Too much on Kindle, too little time.
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