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Default The action's in the stands for Da Raidahs

The play-by-play call:

— The squaring off between a tiny man appearing to display some sort of martial arts defense moves and another larger man who appeared very disinterested in this whole thing.

— The tiny man doesn’t so much punch the disinterested man as much as he flicks off his sunglasses with a deft lunge.

— The disinterested man, who is much larger and clearly wanted no part of this, then unleashes a left-handed punch that connects meekly, but is still enough to knock his opponent off-balance. There seems to be a moment where the bigger guy realized he could kill the smaller guy with a right-handed blow so instead decided to work on his left.

— The smaller man is not felled by the soft left, so the larger man unleashes fury with the right hand.

— Since this is a stadium fight, Sucker Punch Man descends onto the scene in what looks like jorts and a hat he stole from the set of the movie Congo. If there were ever a fight where a sucker punch was not needed, it was this one.

— There’s also someone yelling “he deserved it.”

— Smaller man scrapes himself off the stairs, but Sucker Punch Man has already fled into the night, so smaller man is safe to leave.
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