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Default Tasty knitting

Now that we've seen Extreme knitting, it's time for some tasty knitting.

For some reason, while I was reading this article, I had visions of a certain person doing this knitting, while her 2 guys stand around impatiently waiting for dinner to be served. Of course, they talk while they wait. "I'm having a scarf for dinner" gets a reply of "I'm really hungry so tonight I'm having the blanket".

(Even after removing the 's', the YT that goes with the article doesn't want to show up here. But you can watch it at the link.)

Threading the Noodle: Woman Knits Ramen into Works of Art

The Singapore-based artist spends hours on her projects, which turn the contents of the average Top Ramen cup into impressive, scarf-like tapestries.

Suwito’s process starts with selecting the noodles from her local supermarket, boiling them and then allowing them to cool. After that, she presumably trades the seasoning packet for a pair of knitting needles and starts to work. It takes her between three and four hours to complete each eight-inch segment. “A lot of people in this world want things [to be] very fast, very instant,” she said in a video published by Top 10 News. “So not just in food or instant noodles, but also in their lives.”

Her website reinforces her commitment to turning something we rely on for instant gratification into a painstakingly slow process, one that may or may not ever be finished. She says that she will “keep on slowly knitting it to perfection,” which certainly leaves things more open-ended than the instructions on a ramen package do. Because what is perfection? Who defines it or decides it?
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Okay . . .
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Make your own pasta and make a blanket to eat.

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knitting, tasty

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