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Default "Things I won't work With..." (Humourous Science Blog)blog

Spent some time reading these at work last year, thought hey might get some appreciation here


Sand Won't Save You This Time
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That dimethyl cadmium still thing is interesting reading.

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Interesting. My only exposure to chemistry was in high school, and I recall little other than my idiot lab partner, who was the kind of idiot adolescent who says "Forget what the teacher says! Let's do it THIS way, and throw in some of this other stuff, and see what happens!" Yeah, what happened was MA asking for a new lab partner.
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My Lab glassblowers work with, I think it is called hydrofluoric acid..... bad shit. really bad shit.
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Originally Posted by andy View Post
My Lab glassblowers work with, I think it is called hydrofluoric acid..... bad shit. really bad shit.
Meh, used it all the time, kept a squirt bottle of it on the bench. Our group used it a lot (and derivatives - fluotitanic, fluozirconic) when they started banning chromium everywhere.

Seriously, if you handle things with the respect that their due, then no worries.

The training videos are quite gruesome though, as there is a high level of tissue death upon skin exposure. Also, with a very large exposure, the F- ions interrupt nerve transmission (bind preferentially with calcium ions) so that can be a problem...I think dharma relayed an anecdote about treating it at one point here at TBM. We were required to keep calcium gluconate gel in the lab to apply if we were exposed to help give it some extra calcium to play with instead the stuff in your axons.
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