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Default Freedom of the Press Worldwide

From Reporters Without Borders

"Now, mark my words. So long as we are a young and virtuous people, this instrument will bind us together in mutual interests, mutual welfare, and mutual happiness. But when we become old and corrupt, it will bind us no longer" - Alexander Hamilton about the US Constitution.
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spinnerholic (05-05-2017)
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Just another political map showing countries where Western Hegemony is seriously challenged (with a few exceptions).

Turkey has over 100 Journalists in custody, placing her in the red category. Most of these journalists conspired with FETO and were actively a part of propaganda against the innocent, resulting in imprisonment and deaths of thousands. Just that they have "press cards" does not show/prove that there is a "red level" oppression on journalists in Turkey. If you say that an periodical which serves ISIS in USA is left unchecked and its editors/writers promoting ISIS everyday, attending meetings with the armed sleeper cells, can publish freely, i will take back my words.

There is a freedom of "Half truths press" in the whites and yellows, never talking too loud about the other half with a self righteous stance, promoting member nation's or the hegemonies interests.

The pyramid scheme (Western interests über alles) no longer works .. Sorry to say that ..
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AndreaCA (05-05-2017)
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Do we still have reporters in the US?

30 years ago in a journalism class in college, I was marked down anytime I had the hint of subjectivity in an article.

Now, I'm not sure objective/just the facts journalism even exits. Orwell was right.

In other words, I'm calling into question the objectivity of the chart.
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Most of the issues with the US are that the feds keep going after whistleblowers and subpoenaing reporters for information about sources. The Obama administration did this more times than all prior administrations combined. Not a transparent administration at all really, but he seems to get a free pass on this from most folks.
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rryan (05-08-2017)

freedom, press, worldwide

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