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Default FBI found email that said lynch would protect clinton from criminal charges.

Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge says this is one of the biggest headlines out of the hearing today with the FBI director, pointing out that the FBI had found an email was obtained by Russian hackers that indicated that former DOJ hack Loretta Lynch would do everything she could to protect Hillary from prosecution
Russian hackers? I think they mean Wikileaks.

Video at link:

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Well, we now have another reason for that bitch to skip Congressional hearings. She can be cell mates with her pal Hillary.

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"everything she can to protect hilary from prostitution" I don't know anyone that hard up.

Maybe I read it wrong?
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Hilary would have to be the one paying, oar.
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Wouldn't this be obstruction? The same kind of obstruction that many are beginning to say should be used to impeach Trump? By-the-way, has anyone seen the Comey memo -the one that supposedly asks him to stand down on the Flynn investigation? And who are these "sources" that have read the memo and feel they must pass along the contents -for the good of the nation?

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charges, clinton, criminal, email, fbi, found, lynch, protect

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