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Git it, booger.
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Default Airport terminals for the super-rich might be best for everyone

I fly into LAX about twice a year, generally to visit family. It is far from the worst airport I've been in, but at times can resemble nothing so much as a sort of intercontinental bus station. Having a family of five—from one of certain Asian countries where they eat a number of exotic spices and bathe very seldom—sit down next to one can be decidedly unpleasant.

Because I use a credit card that accumulates frequent flyer miles, and because one could easily use miles to get first class upgrades (not any more), I have usually tried to fly first class on long trips.

A few years ago I checked into first class check-in and was told I'd been assigned to the VIP lounge and security area. Huh? What's that? Up that staircase, sir, the unmarked door [where a number of prosperous looking people are going].

Wow. A buffet that put the Admirals Club to shame, a very low key security check, super-comfy chairs, and at least two honest-to-god Hollywood stars. And me, the country boy in the big city, trying not to stare.

Who knew?

Never been back.

The facility ... will be the first of its kind in America when it opens on May 15th: an exclusive hideaway for Hollywood types who want to avoid the masses ....

For an annual membership of $7,500, plus $2,700 to $3,000 per flight, a group of up to four travellers can enjoy luxury suites before being screened by a dedicated security team and transported directly to the plane in a BMW. Once there, they can board using a separate staircase, after the common people have taken their seats.

... the likelihood of air rage among economy-class flyers is directly related to the visibility of higher-class service for others. Coach passengers are about four times more likely to become unruly if the flight has a first-class section. That risk doubles again if coach travellers have to walk through first class to get to their seats.
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Stop the world; I want to throw a few people off.
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Its easy to avoid all that: Just rent a G5 and use the General Aviation terminal.
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Git it, booger.
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Sigh. Unlikely, in my case.

My brother, on the other hand, works periodically for someone Rich and Powerful. He has a lot of seat time in a G5, and it's not a lease. He tells me it's Very Nice Indeed.
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