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Within Our Home Here we talk about keeping our home and everything inside of it - including our cars and computers -clean, well organized, and well maintained. We also have our Classroom here, for those who Homeschool or extend their childrens education in the home.

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Default Perfectly manicured lawns


Suburban folks may not realize it, but they meticulously care for patches of grass because centuries ago, medieval French and English kings wanted to show off how many serfs they had ... by intentionally planting something useless. It's strange that people would continue to spend so much time and money on what's really a weird leftover from the Middle Ages. But that's history for you.
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"You can't even graze animals on them, because they would eat and trample the grass."

At one point I had 5 acres and 4 horses. I'd let them graze untill the grass was cut, then move them to the next pasture. In 10 days, all the grass was cut, including the fence lines (4 Board) and all I had to do was watch the horses and drink beer. Never tore up the lawn because I moved them so frequently.
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Anyone here think concrete or gravel looks better than lawn .

Me neither

So why are we so certain nobles in prior ages felt differently ?

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waste of precious water and energy.

I am turning my small garden into a few trees and roses, bare soil (or wild grass) in between.
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I don't water my yard at all. I figure it's been here for 56 years, it can look out for it's self. That hasn't stopped the tree, the bush or the roses from growing like mad.
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It wasn't only to show ones wealth that made the wealthy go to manicured lawns.

Here in Virginia, the trees and shrubs were cut back a good way from homes to prevent hostiles from sneaking up on them. Left in a natural state, the trees and underbrush provided very good concealment for hostile Indians and bandits. Removing that growth made for a measure of safety.
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lawns, manicured, perfectly

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